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Boinky , the adventurous pig, one day discovered that it’s been blessed with an out of the ordinary digestive system that allows it to propel itself with the power of gas…He flies using farts, basically.

At some point, our character simply grew tired of spending all of it’s days on the same patch of grass and got an amazing idea : What if he could fart-around the world and explore new sights along the way?

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Embrace Firefly's Adventure, an atmospheric with stunning graphics.
The gameplay's simple, smooth, and involves only one finger for playability.


Try your best to dodge the obstacles, and collect as many coins as possible.

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We will take your idea and create a

Unity 2D or 3D demo game!

Concept Idea

We will help you develop and refine your ideas

Concept Art

We will come up with some basic UI and art

Basic Mechanics

We will code your idea in Unity

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